My Favorite Makeup Brushes (Beginner Friendly)

Before I started to doing my makeup, I was super intimidated by all of the high-end, & extremely fancy makeup brushes used by all of the big time beauty influencers that I follow. But I slowly started to learn that you don’t need to spend an arm & a leg on makeup brushes to achieve a quality beat…. so if your just starting out, don’t be afraid to play with different brands at low price points. If I’m being honest with you guys, most of the brushes I started off with were from Forever 21……. & even some of the brushes that I still use to this day are from Dollar Tree (just keeping it real).

My favorite brushes from Dollar Tree are the Wet n Wild Crease Brushes (eyeshadow brush)……one thing that you should know about makeup brushes & makeup in general, is that you don’t “have” to use the product for what it says it’s for. Meaning I don’t use the Wet n Wild Crease brushes just for my crease…. I use them for my transition shadow, my crease, & the center of my eyelid. I have at least 6 of the Wet n Wild Crease Brushes all at the price of $1!

My all time favorite face/foundation brush is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush! Ive had 2 of the regular size brushes & I’ve even had one of the mini brushes….. another brush that I don’t just use for what it’s for. I mainly use my Expert Face Brush for blending out my highlight concealer & my powder contour. This brush is perfect from blending and making things look seamless……. that’s why it’s No. 1 on my list! — The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush can be found at Ulta or Target, retailing for about $9-$10.

My favorite highlight brush may actually be on the pricier side, only because it came in a set from Nyx Cosmetics. The Fan Brush from the Away We Glow Makeup Brush Set. This set retails for about $45…..& I know that’s a bit much but I’m really in love with my highlight brush…… always adds the perfect amount of my Fenty Beauty Trophe Wife highlight! lol

Another brush that I haven’t put down since I started using it is the Royal & Langnickel Complexion Brush. I use this brush for contouring. When I used cream contour & now for my powder contour…. this brush works like magic for me!


And last but not least…. my most recent brush purchase was the Real Techniques Brush Crush 301 Full Coverage Foundation Brush & the 306 Kabuki Brush! I have never been so amazed by a brush after the first use! My makeup look so flawless after I used both of the brushes & girl I was SHOOK! I definitely recommend these brushes & I caught them on a Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale at Ulta!