Lets Talk Apps… 6 of My Favorite iPhone Applications

Hey Guys! #HappyGivingTuesday! I figured today would be a great day for me to share with you guys some my favorite apps that I use on my phone on a daily. We’re all in this thing to win so there’s no need to keep secrets, right?

So I’m pretty sure you guys can guess what my No.1 favorite app is………. Yup, Instagram. I wouldn’t say that I’m obsessed with IG, but I am in a place where IG is becoming my resume/portfolio…. & (just putting it into the universe) a way of income for me. There’s no secret that one of my goals is to become a full-time social media influencer, & with IG being the largest social media platform, I kind of have to think of it as a job… similar to the way I think about blog.

No.2 on my list of favorites is Pinterest. I never would’ve imagined that I would be the girl to use Pinterest for EVERYTHING. From daily inspirational quotes, my next nail color, style inspiration, what to make for dinner, flat lay inspiration, living room & bedroom goals, to which color I should decorate my Christmas tree! I would probably say I use Pinterest way more than Google these days, and Google is kind of essential to everyday life (especially if you don’t watch the news).

My 3rd favorite app is going to have to be Unfold. It’s an app that helps add a little jazziness to your Insta stories. Now I know this may not seem that important, but presentation is everything when you’re showcasing yourself as a brand.

Then there’s the eZy Watermark app! I use watermark for both my photos & my youtube videos (whenever I make one *face palm*). But I hope you can see why this app is so important for a content creator….

Now this may come off as a little surprise, but another one of my favorite apps is Photoshop Fix. Now don’t go crazy and start thinking that I’m just out here photoshopping my waist or trying to make my butt look bigger because I would NEVER, literally.  But I use Photoshop Fix to smooth out any harsh lines or maybe even wrinkles in my face. Like I said IG is my digital resume/portfolio, so sometimes I have to take the proper steps to make my portfolio look that best that it can.

And last but not least, The Secret Daily Teachings app has become one of my absolute favorites. Learning ways of how the law-of-attraction works is so interesting to me. When you think good things about yourself & when you put out positive energy, good things & positive energy will come back to you. And if you think negatively…. negativity will come to you. The way we think & the things that we speak & believe about ourselves & about our lives is so important when it comes to living a happy, positive & healthy life. That is why I always try to be a form of positive energy in my everyday life & on social media. I want to send out as much love and positivity that I can so that I am able to receive all of that back!