Confession: I have a thing… for Pinterest

*Takes deep breath* Guys…. I know this is probably the craziest thing you’ve ever heard…. but I have *takes another deep breath* an obsession with Pinterest!! *Face palm*


Okay, okay I’m done lol but seriously! I absolutely love Pinterest! I search something on Pinterest literally everyday…. I probably even use it more than I use Google 😳 (& you know how much we all love Google)

So I figured it was time to share with the world my secret obsession πŸ˜‚ ……. no really, who doesn’t love Pinterest these days??? If you’re not obsessed with Pinterest it’s extremely obvious that you’ve never even downloaded the app. So hopefully after I share some of my favorite boards that I’ve created, you’ll do yourself a favor & head right over to the App Store!

Just to save some time, here are just a few of my favorite boards……. we’re not even going to get into all of the secret wedding boards I have πŸ™ƒ….. Maybe I’ll share those after my wedding 😏

β€’Vanity Inspo, because what girl that’s obsessed with makeup doesn’t want a popping a** vanity??

β€’IPhone Wallpaper, because wallpapers are extremely important!

β€’Living Room Decor, because once I move into my dream condo…. my living room has to be the definition of goals & perfection lol

And then there’s Bedroom Goals, because my bedroom has to be just as lit as my living room, duh.

I could LITERALLY look at photos like these for hours! It’s actually very relaxing… so if you haven’t pinned a pic or two, you’re definitely missing out!

So now that you know my little secret….. add me!! SkinnyGirlWithStyle

And then you can thank me later πŸ’–